Attic Insulation Services

Attic insulation plays a key role in maintaining a comfortable indoor home environment. During cold winter months, poor insulation can easily allow heat to escape through ceilings and walls, causing your furnace to work harder to maintain your home at a comfortable temperature. Insufficient attic insulation can result in overworked HVAC equipment and higher energy bills. By keeping your attic properly insulated, you can extend the lifeline of your HVAC system and avoid a rise in heating costs.

Purpose of Insulation

Heavy Snowfall and Your Roof

Yes, it’s winter, that time of the year when soft, feathery snowflakes float over houses and trees. It’s a picturesque scene — fluffy white snow frosting on the rooftops with icicles hanging over the eaves. Pretty, right?  Well, sure — until the roof caves in.  Don’t let that pretty snow fool you …what may be only a few inches on the ground can mean pounds and pounds of snow on the roof.