What type of roof vents are best for me?

Proper ventilation is key to increasing the life of your roof, decreasing attic temperature and preventing ice damming. The vents on the top of your roof are only a part of the system but play a big role in the ventilation system. Roof top ventilation typically comes in three types: ridge vent, aluminum “mushroom” type and mechanical power fans. Lets take a look at each one and their purpose.

Fiberglass VS Organic Shingles

I have a 15 year plus roof that is cracking and old but doesn’t curl up like other roofs, is it still in need of replacement?

Getting ready for winter: 5 home repairs you shouldn’t ignore

You might be tempted to put off fixing your home until the economy rebounds. Rebuild the patio? Sure, right after your 401(k) rallies. But some problems, if left unchecked, can lead to thousands of dollars in repairs (rebuilding a foundation wall, for instance) and might even compromise your family’s health, such as mold contamination.
The trouble signs are easy to spot, provided you know what to look for. Here are the five biggest red flags of home maintenance, with our advice on how to deal with them. No problems? Check out these Simple spruce-ups.