How to clean your gutters (and avoid gutter problems)!

There are just a few steps to follow in order to maintain gutters yourself. My first recommendation is to climb a ladder and clean the goop out of the gutters. The decomposed leaves make great mulch or compost. Pay particular attention to the downspouts. If leaves and debris are clogging it, water won’t drain properly, and along with mildew and mud you’ll end up with sagging gutters.

Self Energy Audit – How to save money!

Here’s a conservation project for all you do-it-yourselfers: Set aside a weekend and perform an energy audit on your home or business. Why? You may be wasting energy and not even know it. The audit will help you pinpoint problem spots and make easy changes that could significantly lower your usage. So grab your tool box, and let’s get started.



1) Are your windows single-, double- or triple-pane? Do you also have storm windows?