It’s important that gutters be installed behind the “drip edge” to ensure the capturing of all rainwater. Installing gutters on top of roof flashing may be easier and quicker, but improperly installed rain gutters do more damage than good. Rain gutters installed on top of roof flashing leave space for rainwater to splash behind the gutters. This water, protected from wind and sun, rots the fascia and eventually leads to more repairs. If rain gutters are properly, the only place for water to go is down the gutter.


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Downspouts are enclosed, pieces of guttering that carry water from the rain gutter to the ground. In order to keep a downspout in place, it must be secured to the side of the home. It is important to secure straps to the brick, not the mortar between bricks, because it creates a secure hold. Mortar decays over time causing downspouts to come free, which can create leaks.

Seamless gutter installation by STA Enterprises, Inc. completes a beautiful home and protects it by diverting water run off. STA can also keep your gutters and downspouts clean and clear with leaf protection.

The time to replace your gutters is before there is a water problem.

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