When Should I Replace my Windows?

The quality of your insulation effects both your utility bills and your comfort level. Before you lose air conditioning and heat through the cracks in your windows, inspect them using these 4 easy steps to see if they need to be replaced.

Break Out the Incense
You’ll first need to turn on any ceiling or exhaust fans in your home for this method to work. If you then close everything in your home and light some incense near the windows, you can gauge the air pressure in your home through watching where the smoke moves. If your windows aren’t sealed properly, then the smoke will naturally move toward the cracks.

Listen for Trouble
A tightly fitted window won’t make any noise if you shake it a little. If you hear any type of rattling sounds, then you’re losing air. This is most commonly seen in storm windows, as the roll by. Homes do not stay stagnant over time, but rather shift and settle over the years. Regardless of the quality of your windows, they may not fit as securely anymore.

Look to the Light
Any light that seeps through the window frame is an indication that air is getting through as well. It may be hard to distinguish between the light of the window, so you might want to try covering up the glass portion to make it easier to see clearly on a sunny day.

Thorough Examinations
To have the best performing windows, you really need to have a careful eye. Windows are subjected to a number of outside factors a day, and you may get small cracks in the glass that let air escape. You’ll also want to check the locks as well as properly functioning locks mean that your windows are also properly sealing. If you’re having trouble opening, closing or locking a window, it’s an indication that your windows do not have the right fit.

Whenever you start to see your energy bills rise unexpectedly, then that could be another indication that you have leakage somewhere in your home. Certain windows may be difficult to check due to height and space issues, so you need to keep an eye on anything unexpected. Looking to a professional may be your best bet to determine whether or not you need to replace one, some or all of your windows.

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