Is Your Roof Ready for Spring?

Now that springtime is approaching, you should get your home ready for the change in weather. At the top of your to-do list should be getting your roof ready for the spring. Here are a few tips that will help you do just that.

Inspect Your Roof
Inspect your roof to start the process of getting it ready for spring. You want to look for curling or bubbling shingles. These shingles may break off in thunderstorms and high-speed winds, leaving the roof of your home susceptible to water damage. Replace these shingles immediately before the damage worsens.

You should also look for deteriorating shingles, especially if the roof is old. Check the bottom of the downspouts and in the gutters. You may notice that the shingles in these locations have suffered a substantial amount of shingle granule loss. This indicates that these shingles should be replaced.

Obviously, if there are missing shingles, you definitely want to call a professional to replace the shingles. Missing shingles is a sign that your roof is in need of serious repair. After a windy day or an especially heavy storm, you should look in your front and backyard for shingles from your roof.

Clean and Repair Gutters
When it comes to getting your roof ready for the spring, you should also focus on your gutters. This is because the gutters play a vital role in moving water off your roof and away from the foundation of your home. If you find that debris such as leaves have accumulated in the gutters, you should have them cleaned. You should also inspect the gutters for leaks and small cracks. Have these small issues dealt with promptly so you don’t have to deal with a gutter that has become separated from your home in the future.

Trim Trees
To make sure the roof of your home remains in good condition, you should trim your trees. In a heavy storm or high-speed winds, the branches of the trees can break off and cause significant damage to the roof.

As you can see, there are many things you can do to ensure your roof is ready for spring. Consider having a professional from STA Roofing inspect the roof of your home.

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